Britches Heritage

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In 1967 Britches of Georgetowne opened, became a Washington, D.C. area institution, and ultimately one of the nation’s leading retailers for updated classic, tailored clothing and sportswear, with 116 stores in 17 major markets across the United States, with annual sales more than $200,000,000.

Founded as Canterbury Tales Inc., trading first as Georgetown Slack Shoppe and then Britches of Georgetowne, focusing on fashion forward “Clothing for Life,” for image conscious, professional consumers seeking tailored clothing with a unique and unconventional point of view. Britches “lifestyle” merchandising philosophies lead the company to expand its casual sportswear division, Britches Western, into a separate division called Britches Great Outdoors.

Ultimately, the Britches merchandising platform also included gifts and accessories for the home and office, including corporate gift programs that featured products from Mont Blanc pens to Silver Palette’s Grand Marnier Chocolate Sauce to six packs of Clyde’s Chili.

Grounded in its trademark philosophy of promoting its own Britches brand, under the tagline of “Clothing for Life,” Britches was among the first men’s retailers in the country to expand its merchandise platform to include non-clothing, lifestyle products and unique gifts with accessories for the home and office.

Britches’ expanded volume and capacity to feature unique gifts along with Britches entry into the catalog business resulted in Britches Wholesale, which provided products to all Britches stores as well as sold Britches branded products to other specialty stores across the country, including Bloomingdales and Wilkes Bashford.

For over three decades, Britches products were thought of as high quality, at reliably reasonable prices. Britches extraordinary, legendary customer service, combined with its exceptional quality and value, resulted in one of the highest per square foot volumes in the country with significantly higher than average margins.

In 1984, CML, Inc., a publicly traded New York Stock Exchange company entered an “earn out” Sale Agreement to purchase the company and provided $14M for expansion and growth.

In December of 1988 CML took ownership of Britches by executing the Earn Out Agreement. In December of 1988, Rick Hindin, Co-Founder, President and CEO left the company. David Pensky remained with CML for 2 years, leaving the company in 1990 after which the company was sold. In 2003, Britches closed its doors.

In the summer of 2015 Co-Founder, Rick Hindin, acquired the trademark rights and intellectual property for both Britches of Georgetowne and Britches Great Outdoors to leverage the brand legacy of the Britches brands.

About Rick Hindin

After co-founding Britches of Georgetowne, Inc. in 1967, and successfully selling to CML in 1983 for $28M, Rick remained as President and CEO until 1988. Under his stewardship, Britches grew the retail chain to over 100 stores in seven states in five years, with annualized sales volume of more than $110M in 1988.

Rick continued with his entrepreneurial and philanthropic endeavors over the years, serving on various non profit and for profit boards, acquiring interest in Adworks, founding Asterisks Group, and much more. See below Rick’s extensive business experience.

In 2015 Rick acquired the trademarks and intellectual property for Britches of Georgetowne and Britches Great Outdoors. The new Britches enterprise will first open Britches Bespoke New York in early 2017 with plans to launch Britches Online in 2018. Britches online will be a platform for luxury products bearing Britches branded products as well as be an Aggrador for some of the leading brands across several luxury categories.

In October of 2016, Britches entered its first License Agreement with one of the nation’s leading custom suit makers to open Britches Bespoke in New York, Washington DC, Atlanta, Dallas and Boston as the foundation for the launch of Britches Online in the 2018.

To learn about remaining investment opportunities or to learn more, contact Rick directly.